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Written by a patient
3rd April 2019

recived a letter by post telling me to book an appointment with my local G.P for a smear test. Spoke to the receptionist by phone explained the letter and ask her to book me in for a smear. She asked me would I prefer to see a male or female . I choose a female. On the day of the appointment, I saw a docter ... who knew nothing about a smear as the docter dosnt do smear test. Docter was very polite she referred me back to reception. The receptionist was very rude and said when I booked the appointment I should of said what it was for:?? I replied that I did tell her it was for a smear.hance the reason she asked if I wanted a male or female docter. She looked at me like she didn’t believe me and ask me to come back to see a nurse I was so upset I felt like being called a liar I just told her to forget the whole thing and lefted. The conversation I had with the receptionist on that day should be recorded 18/03/2019. If am not believed than listen to the record message.

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