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Written by a carer
26th February 2018

I want to thank everyone at Edenbridge Medical Practice who was involved in looking after my husband in the last 7 months of his life. he suffered from sever COPD. His care requirements became so very complex towards the end, everyone at the surgery had time and help to offer and went out of their way to make sure the best possible quality of life to the very last. My husband and I were treated with great kindness, compassion and quality of care. Dr Sage, his GP was amazing, he referred my husband very early to the Pembury hospice in the Weald, so that by the time things got complicated everything was in place for my husband to pass away peacefully. So thank you all. The cheerful staff in the pharmacy, the Marvellous receptionists who I was ever having to call, Helen Burgess the practise manger, all the great doctors we saw, and the nurses and district nurses. I am so grateful for the wonderful care you gave.

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