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Written by a patient
18th November 2019

My husband made an appointment which took 2 weeks to get, and then the surgery moved it to a different time. He turned up at the new time only to find they had cancelled it. To make matters worse they tried to blame him for not confirming the new appointment. The text confirming an appointment only asks you to contact the surgery if you want to CANCEL an appointment, therefore you assume you don't need to tell them you are coming. The only appointment he could get this week was with the practice nurse who is probably unlikely to be able to deal with his issue so he is still going to be weeks off seeing an actual doctor. Please have the decency to admit your mistake up front and not be let down by poor customer service. In some cases you are dealing with people who need to see a doctor and have to change their work plans to fit it in, so it is immensely irritating to have to organise more time off work. Be respectful of people's time.

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