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Written by a patient
31st March 2019

On 29th of Match, i attended the surgery. I was to come in following some results of my blood test. When called into the consulting room, the practice nurse was unaware of why i was called back. I took my day off to come a long way to hear that i did not need that appointment? Then after that, i have heard that the receptionist, Denise Maskell, was mimicking and talking in a disrespectful way about me to two other members of the staff. I am wondering whether treating patients luke that is a common practice in this surgery? Unfortunately, this is not the first time this has happened. I asked the receptionist how could she speak about me that way and the fact that i could hear her, she did not even apologise when i said this. I felt upset to be treated in such a manner. As a receptionist, Denise Maskell represents the 'face'of the surgery and ,therefore, it is a poorling that she conducted her self in this way. Dr Alla Yankouskaya

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