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Written by a patient
10th December 2018

This practice consistently violate patients' rights outlined in NHS Choice Framework and provides unacceptable service. A doctor(not a patient!) in this practice makes the decision of whether give me or refuse me to go for private health care. I was referred by a cancer specialist from Royal Hospital to ultrasound. I requested a letter from the doctor to my private health care. The doctor (M. Bethell) refused it without any reason. This caused a delay in undertaking crucial diagnostic. The receptionist was not helpful. I am working and every time when I need just a simple letter from this practice, I must take holiday day because the poor management in this practice cannot deal with paper work. A similar situation happened recently to my partner. She was waiting for a letter for 3 weeks. I wonder why do we need to have this practice where a simple paper cannot be done?! Very disappointed, this situation caused an additional distress.

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