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Written by a patient
8th January 2018

I tried to get an appointment on the telephone on 3/01/18, I phoned @ 08.00. finally got through to the Appointment's Lady @ 0810. Only to be told that all the appointments had gone for that day, I was offered a Telephone Appointment which I declined, I explained that my left leg had swollen up and was in some pain. but I still couldn't get to see a Doctor in person. After going back home and looking on line for a appointment I managed to book a appointment for 5/01/18 to see Dr Nielsen @ 10.20am. This Doctor was a very Kind & Caring person, she explained to me in great detail as to what may be causing my leg to swell up, Doctor referred me for a blood test on that day. The Doctor explained to me that if may be a Blood Clot, so it was in my best interest to go straight to the Hospital for a Blood test. After getting my blood test results the Doctor phoned me on my mobile phone and ask me to go straight to A & E, as the resultants indicated that I may have a blood clot. I went to A & E as advised by the Doctor. Doctor Nielsen kept in touch with me through the whole process and gave me her mobile phone number for me to contact her in person if I was concerned at anytime. This Doctor was remarkable in the caring and kind way she helped me, and showed great compassion & dignity, She is a credit to the N.H.S. I cannot thank her enough for her kindness.

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