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13th May 2021

I am so disappointed. I have been struggling with an infection in my left eye since Monday. Really don’t like phoning the surgery so opted to do an online consult. Detailed the problem as well as possible and requested antibiotics. Received an email yesterday advising me that I would be contacted by the clinic on Thursday afternoon. Stupidly I failed to register that the date for consult was 27th May. At around 5.50pm on Thursday, today, I did phone for an update. Receptionist was very friendly and advised me of the date call would be made. How absolutely ridiculous that someone with an eye infection has to wait 14 days for advise. Drove over to QEQM at 6pm. Excellent service and end result. Thank you NHS. Very unhappy with BMC. Where are all the GP’s now? The pandemic has eased, thankfully, but the practice is still running on skeleton staffing. Come on BMC. Make us proud again.

Read the information sent to you. By doing that it would have been obvious an eye infection couldn’t be left for 14 days, especially in an elderly patient. Open up the practice to full force and make it easier to see a GP.

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