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Written by a patient
10th June 2020

Obviously services have had to change since the Covid-19 virus. At the moment with warmer weather it’s ok to have to wait in the car park and meet the nurse so she can escort you to her room. However, we had to be in very close proximity as we passed through the side gate. What way will we have to wait in the winter? I arrived on time but had quite a wait standing in the car park. Why can’t we wait in our cars and be called when the clinician is ready to see us. Why don’t you have self closing gates so we can follow the clinician. Also why can’t we book an appointment online, thus saving receptionist time? We could text when we arrive too.

19th July 2020
Response from Beversbrook Medical Centre

Thanks for your review. It's been very helpful and we really appreciate your input. Patients should have been asked to wait in their car as this is our procedure, however thanks to your feedback we have become aware that some of our Reception team have been asking patients to stand by the side entrances to be called in, for convenience. We absolutely agree with you that this is not acceptable and since becoming aware we have been able to carry out further training to improve the situation. We had not considered self closing gates but we absolutely love this idea and will be looking at having these installed subject to a health and safety risk assessment. We also think your idea of texting to let us know you have arrived is brilliant and we are looking at how to implement this. Further to your concerns regarding the winter months, we are making plans to re-open our reception areas in preparedness for the change of weather. We would really welcome any input you would like to provide to help with this so that we can ensure that plans are considered from the experience of the service user. If this is of interest, or you would like to discuss your feedback in more detail, please do not hesitate to contact me at and I would be more than happy to set up a video appointment for further discussion. In the meantime, thank you for your comments which are very much appreciated. Kindest regards, Emmy Butcher - Managing Partner

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