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Written by a patient
14th September 2020

Perhaps the Doctor needs to listen to what the patient has been through. I would not, especially under the present circumstances, or otherwise would contact my GP unless I had tried everything else available to me Including non-prescription drugs. I had a good knowledge of what was wrong with me and was then told ‘we are under government guidelines’. I felt extremely abandoned. I have now struggled since my last phone call. However I am extremely fortunate In that I can go private. What Concerns me are the people who have no means to be able to access private care. I have been in so much pain but would never phone back because I feel that you have not listened as a GP and would have prescribed inappropriate drugs because ‘of the government guidelines’ I am now going private hopefully coming back to my GP surgery when you admit I was right

I feel that the GP should listen more attentively to the directions from the patient and realise when a patient rarely calls a surgery they have tried other remedy from the pharmacist and then being told they are wrong

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