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Written by a patient
22nd December 2018

Unfortunately getting an appointment with a Doctor here, is like finding a golden goose egg. Then when you have a precious appointment booked, and the NURSE cancels it yet you still get the "remember your appointments" texts, it's even worse. Nurses are OK for some things, but they are woefully inadequate for others and really shouldn't even appear on the appointments availability list at reception. This last week all I could get was a call back from the nurse, who diagnosed me without seeing me as having the "common cold"....I have flu and I have it badly. She then suggested that I get myself Day and Night Nurse, no Pharmacist in this area would dream of letting me have it on the medications I am on for my heart. My poor neighbour had to traipse round trying to get something she never would get. Now, it's a week on and the Doctors is apparently closed until after Christmas, my flu hasn't gone it has travelled down to my chest, I really need antibiotics as I can't walk 5 steps without having to sit down to breathe. Which leaves me with having to call an ambulance. No wonder the NHS is under stress. I would recommend both the Doctors at this Practice...IF you can ever get to see them, but that's a bit of a gamble which you may not be prepared to take.

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