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Written by a patient
9th March 2020

I joined the practice in July last year after experiencing problems with my last GP which resulted in them asking me to leave their practice as they thought this would be best for my ongoing care. I was anxious about joining a new practice as I had been with me old one for so long and I have an ongoing medical problem. When I went to register the receptionist was friendly and helpful which was a good sign. I was swiftly registered and given an appointment for a couple of days to meet one of the nurses. The nurse I saw was really nice and immediately made me feel at ease. Next I had to see one of the Doctors concerning my ongoing problem. Dr Michael Rea greeted me warmly with a smile and I just felt so comfortable talking to him. Since then I have had to see Dr Michael Rea several times and on each occasion he has never made me feel I am wasting his time by seeing him about the same problem. On each occasion Dr Rea has tried to find a solution to the problem. I have had to see several of the phlebotomist says well and they too have been lovel and friendly. I can see now that me worrying about having to find another Doctor was actually the best thing that could have happened as I have ended up in a practice where the staff actually treat the patients like people and value their opinions.

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