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Written by a patient
4th January 2020

I’m in my 30’s and have only really had mild, manageable anxiety before. I started a new job 3 months ago and it’s just gone into overdrive to the extent that I ended up having full blown panic attacks, couldn’t sleep, would be thinking about work constantly, even first thing at a weekend when I wasn’t working. I’m having counselling (which helps to a degree) but have also been given propranolol. It works really, really well for me. Within an hour of taking a 40mg tablet I will go from thinking my job is completely beyond me and I’ll never be able to be successful, to thinking it’s entirely possible and positive about the future. Back, neck and shoulder pain that is had for years also went, which made me think I’ve been living with anxiety far longer than I actually realised. The effects only last about 6 or 7 hours, so I’m currently taking 1 X 40mg tablet 3 times a day. For people also taking it, if you’re only taking 1 tablet (and unless you’re only taking it to be able to sleep) I wouldn’t recommend taking it in the evenings because the effects will likely have worn off by the morning. I had mild headaches initially, and the odd period of nausea but all very manageable side effects. I don’t think propranolol is necessarily the “long term” answer and I’m speaking to my doctor about going onto a course of anti-depressants but for the time being these tablets are a life saver. I’ve also struggled with public speaking / being centre of attention most of my life. I’d go red, get a sweaty forehead, dry mouth etc. This tablet also stops all that - it won’t turn you into a polished speaker, but it make it much easier for you to get your point across as you won’t be displaying physical symptoms of anxiety. I’m really pleased I found this tablet, and even if/when I come off it in the future I think it’s something I’ll use periodically for the rest of my life, when I have things that are causing me anxiety. For anyone struggling with anxiety, please don’t struggle alone, or in silence. We are fortunate enough to be alive at a time when there are all sorts of medical solutions available and they really do work. There’s still a stigma associated with people that have anxiety / depression and some people think they’ve somehow failed because they’re taking medicine. Please give it a go, the worst that can happen is it does nothing. Good luck.

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