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Written by a private patient
22nd April 2021

I have experienced a “creaky” right knee for some considerable time. However, barely six months ago, it became increasingly painful and walking was difficult and certainly no longer a pleasure. I had a consultation with Professor Jari who scrutinised the MRI and X-Ray of my knee. He suggested that my best course of action was to consider n-Stride Aps treatment. The procedure could not have been more straightforward and the whole process from arriving at the hospital and leaving took barely an hour. Throughout the procedure, Professor Jari explained the process and, true to his word, it was completely painless. Four weeks on from the treatment, I can walk with ease, ascend and descend stairs normally. I don’t think that I am over-stating the case, but thanks to Professor Jari, I am liberated from discomfort and difficulty in walking.

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