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Written by a private patient
19th May 2021

I had severe knee pain for over 4 years before I saw Professor Jari. Whilst I had seen others in the past each time I had been told to lose weight before any treatment would be considered. I was recommended Professor Jari by my Mother after her knee replacement surgery had been carried out by him. As soon as the first consultation started I knew that this time was different. Here was a surgeon who treated each patient as a whole person and not just another case. He listened carefully, acknowledging both my pain and its impact on my life, but also the difficulty this created for me losing weight. Since that first consultation, the Prof has guided me through successive treatments, all giving me extra pain-free months before finally suggesting a total knee replacement using the Mako Robot. This procedure was undertaken in February this year and considering the trying circumstances and the loneliness of being in hospital with no visitors (due to covid restrictions) the care and support provided by the Prof and his team were second to none. Everything was explained to me carefully, from the pre-op tests through to the post-op support and regime. I knew what was happening when and why and any fears were allayed by the care given. I am now 3 months post-surgery and everyone can see the difference in me. My leg is now straight for the first time in years, I am free from both pain and medication all thanks to one person willing to listen. Professor Jari is not only an excellent surgeon, but he is also a remarkable person who listens and provides you with confidence when you are stepping onto your agreed treatment path. I would recommend him to anyone who has knee problems, especially those who may be worried about any potential treatment, he will listen and guide you with care and skill.

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