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Written by a private patient
19th October 2021

Having sustained a knee injury in my 20s, despite staying fit and active, by my 50s the pain had become acute and restrictive. I researched the best knee surgeons and contacted Professor Chapman Sheath. Professor Chapman Sheath explained clearly and thoroughly that the x-rays and MRIs confirmed urgent treatment was required and within two weeks of my initial consultation I was in the operating theatre. The operation was a complete success. I followed a rigorous exercise regime, including rowing daily on a concept 2 rower from day 8. I had been rowing regularly (as a non-impact sport) prior to my operation and this definitely assisted with the post-operative mobility in my knee. I was able to return to the tennis court for gentle doubles within a month. I have continued to row 6km (approx. 30 minutes) daily, which I am convinced is key for keeping mobility in my knee. On the very occasional days I have not rowed, my knee is stiff the following morning. Now, almost six months later, I am back to all my sporting activities; tennis, cycling, cold water swimming, windsurfing and walking longer distances whilst teaching my DofE groups, almost completely pain free. My knee is still a little swollen and I do know when I have overdone the amount of exercise, but the joy at being pain free after all of these years is brilliant. And my scar is minimal and very neat. I cannot thank Professor Chapman Sheath enough and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him.

19th October 2021
Response from Professor Philip Chapman-Sheath

Thank you for the excellent and detailed feedback which really emphasises the importance of the rehabilitation phase and self directed return to sports as a critical factor in the overall success of surgery - the whole team working together is the reason for tour great results

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