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Written by a private patient
20th September 2021

I had always heard wonderful things about Professor New over the years as a couple of members of my family are diabetic. Unfortunately, but in many ways fortunately, I got to meet Professor New myself when I was recently diagnosed with diabetes I will forever be grateful for Professor New! within 24 hours of finding out I had diabetes, Professor New heard my panic and gave me a consultation and did all the relevant tests. With his unbelievably caring aura, Professor New gave me all the time I needed to explain, calm me down and figure out a game plan. There are not many professors/DR's out there that can tell you that you will be on medication forever and that you need an MRI scan and still make you feel at ease. on the same day, I was given the medication I needed and the most professional and wonderful guidance on how to move forward and live a normal life! Professor New, thank you for answering my millions of questions and thank you for noticing when I need reassurance! I CANNOT recommend Professor New enough!!!

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