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Written by a patient at Sancta Maria Hospital
17th June 2019

I recently underwent a breast augmentation, tummy tuck and lipo to my thighs and hips. I have never been happy with my breasts and after having my daughter 3 years ago, my self image was quite low and I would not have been caught dead in a bikini! I made a decision to change what was bothering me and contacted the Bridgend clinic as i live in Swansea which is close. i had been watching the clinic for over 2 years, the previous plastic surgeon had moved on. When i noticed Professor Whitaker had joined, after researching and reading of Professor Whitaker's accomplishments i knew i wanted to jump at the chance to get it done with him while i could. The first consultation was at the Bridgend clinic. i initially asked for uplift and breast aug but after taking some measurements Professor Whitaker advised I had a good nipple position and didn't need the additional surgery procedure. Professor whitaker was really down to earth and i felt like I could ask anything no matter how ridiculous it sounded! Following the initial consultation, i went for a follow up and discussed breast sizes. At this point i was very eager to get it booked in ( i wanted it done within the week!). they had issues getting liposuction equipment in Bridgend, while I was there Professor Whitaker rang Sancta Maria to ask them to get a suitable date for me. he really did try his best. He surprised me as he is not what i would have prejudged (wrongly) a surgeon to be like who is just after making money and this would become even more apparent after surgery. He always spoke on the same level as me. He kept in contact with me and apologized or the equipment mix up in Bridgend which I didn't feel was his fault. He arranged the surgery in Sancta Maria which actually worked out better for me as it was only 20 minutes away from my house. The surgery sent me all the information and forms to fill in really quickly and i paid about a week before surgery ( which is required) over the phone. You go in for mrsa and blood tests with a nurse a few days before. On the day of the surgery my best friend took me in. i had a lovely room it wad really big like a hotel room in a stunning location over looking the sea. i am so grateful to my best friend for taking me as i would have been a nervous wreck had she not been there to make me laugh. Before surgery Professor Whitaker came in and went through some forms and drew lines on my boobs, belly and thighs. i was more nervous about the aneasthetic than the actual surgery! Then the nurse came to take me down and i waved goodbye to my little friend and went into one of the rooms downstairs with the aneasthetists. They ask you questions like your name and dob, how are you feeling and when you last ate. Then i laid on the bed and they put the drip in me and before i knew it i wad waking up, probably dribbling, saying to the nurse " how does it look" and she said if it was me I'd be happy. i was completely not with it at this point I'm suprised i remembered that! Professor Whitaker popped his head around to confirm the size they had put in for my breast as I just wanted them filled up. i had a 325cc high profile over muscle. I had been booked in for 2 nights at Sancta and the food was unreal! like cooked brekky everyday and three course lamb dinners. The nurses and on call doctors were amazing, lovely people and checked in on me regularly. i had some pain on one side that was quite severe. i also had alot of fluid in my drains so Professor Whitaker asked that i stay an additional day. Once the drains where taken out i felt fine. The pain had gone. When i went home i felt good, too good because i think i did too much and had a seroma. It was at this point where i really felt so grateful for picking Professor Whitaker and going to sancta because i did panick quite alot during the recovery period and Professor Whitaker was really quick to respond and see me to check everything was ok. The nurses and on call doctors at the surgery where equally as caring and always there. This after care is where I felt Sancta really shines. i feel very lucky to have had such a positive experience, this establishment is not a cut and shut kind of place - they are always there and ready to see you. What i would advise is get a really good binder off Amazon before and stay flat for two weeks! I'm 7 weeks post op now and i feel amazing. I dont feel like a saggy bag of potatoes anymore! My tummy and boobs have never looked so good to me, I feel my confidence coming back for first time in years. (I feel like Lara Croft Angelina Jolie or something ha).. I'm so glad i had it done. Professor Whitaker is so talented, down to earth and caring and i would recommend in a heartbeat. To note, this is not a simple procedure to go through and I would recommend anyone to thinking about it to research your surgeon and clinic and make sure whoever you pick there is quick access to aftercare following the procedure. Good Luck xx

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Iain is a Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon you can trust, who has performed over 7,000 plastic surgery procedures in 6 different countries over the past decade. He is on the specialist register for plastic surgery in the UK, is a Full Member of BAPRAS, sitting on their Research council, and is the Deputy Editor of Europe’s Largest Plastic Surgery Journal, JPRAS. He is internationally recognised for surgical innovations and is a multiple prize winner. His aim is to provide safe, bespoke surgery using the most up to date techniques and life long aftercare you can rely on.

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