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Written by a patient
25th April 2018

Dr. Sutcliffe is our new-born girl's paediatrician. Our 4 days old baby had a blue/dark face episode and we took her to UCLH. Prof. Sutcliffe took care of her in detail and in person and assured us he took every steps to investigate what had happened to our baby. His care was very comprehensive, friendly and most importantly very professional. As we are new parents, we were very extremely worried about our baby's health, but with Prof. Sutcliffe's care, we felt that our baby was taken the greatest, most professional and intimate care. He informed us in every steps that he would like to take and updated us about her health condition and what we have to do for the following days after we discharged from the hospital. His advice for us, the new parents are very valuable and we appreciate his care to our daughter and us. In brief, he is an excellent paediatrician having a unique combination of vast knowledge and very humanist attitude, we feel really blessed to meet with such a great doctor.

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