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Written by a carer
16th October 2016

I met Professor Alistair Sutcliffe in 2011. My Grandaughter was born with problems and spent a long time at Great Ormond Street Hospital. I cannot possibly praise Professor Sutcliffe enough. He gave of himself unconditionally, he has supported my daughter and son - in - law throughout her wonderful life so far, nothing is too much trouble for him. He is there to help and advise, encourage and listen, whenever help is needed. He goes way beyond the call of duty and does it happily . My Grandaughter is thriving under his loving care, but it's also the care he has shown my daughter and son-in-law that's equally so wonderful. I feel as a family we are truly blessed beyond belief, to have him in our lives, and I thank God for him. I cannot thank him enough. Mrs Simone Ladha

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