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Written by a patient
30th March 2017

Hi, I am 15 year old boy and was diagnosed with Epilepsy as I had couple of seizures - 1 at school and 1 at home. Both me and my parents were very worried about this condition. My GP recommended me to UCL where Dr & Professor Sutcliffe is a specialist and continues to research in this area (of my condition). I was started on medication and could share with him all mine (& my parents) issues, fears related to my condition. Dr Sutcliffe was very reassuring. It has been almost three years on medication and I feel healthy, positive and ready to wean off my medication as there has not been any other episodes. I am about to give my GCSE's this year. Dr Sutcliffe gave me lot of advise on how to be stress free. An amazing doctor , friend and a guide !!!

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