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Written by a carer
19th October 2016

I am writing as a grandparent of a child that has been cared for by Dr Sutcliffe since she was born at U C H. My son and daughter in law spent the majority of the first six months of her life living in the hospital. My husband and I visited them but did not meet Dr Sutcliffe until sometime after that period. However they were full of praise for this man who seemed to be giving them the hope, understanding and compassion that they desperately needed during this period with their first child. It wasn't until I accompanied my son and daughter in law to one of his clinics that I realised why they were so impressed with this Doctor. Dr Sutcliffe goes beyond what one would expect from a doctor at the normal visit to a clinic. He is very friendly and welcoming. He is always positive and encouraging. He listens well to the parents before giving his own opinion and advice. In my opinion he is an excellent Paediatrician.

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