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Written by a patient
1st March 2017

Both patient and parent should feel completely reassured in the hands of Professor Sutcliffe. He is a wonderful doctor, very caring, compassionate, and always willing to listen to your own needs or concerns. I have been under the care of prof.Sutcliffe for five years and have recently been signed off with very positive results. I found this doctor to be incredibly aware of my age and my own concerns as the time went by, he always treated me as though I could have been his only patient, even though I was one of so many, answering calls from myself or my parents to answer questions about any worries we had, and always getting in touch very quickly after making inquiries to his secretary. I have always felt as though my own opinion and decisions are taken into account with professor Sutcliffe as he is very good at including his patients in his discussions, and aims to reach a compramise between his own vast knowledge, and his patients' personal feelings. I have always come away from appointments with the Professor feeling reassured from his positive outlook on my personal circumstances that all would be fine, and sure enough they were, but also from his general warmth and kind hearted nature. I have done and always would trust any decisions made by professor Sutcliffe, as his experience shows in his confidence that he can help, and wants to, and of course because myself and many before me have experienced very positive results after being in Professor Sutcliffe's care. I would recommend this doctor to any young patient or parent who is looking for a doctor with wonderful people skills, as well as such in depth knowledge and experience.

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