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Written by a patient
15th August 2016

Following an mri on my neck, two lumps were identified, one in my maxillary sinus and the other on my thyroid. I was referred to Mr Vaz who immediately made me feel at ease. His professionalism and the simple and straight forward way he conveys information is very reassuring. He has an excellent bedside manner and demonstrates genuine interest and concern. Mr Vaz performed both of my ops, a FESS and a hemithyroidectomy. Before both ops, he was very reassuring and I honestly felt I was in very safe hands. Both surgeries were uneventful, and thanks to his skill I had minimal post op pain. My follow up appointments were very effective. I had the opportunity to ask questions and raise my concerns. Mr Vaz always provided clear answers and guidance. His PA provides excellent support and her approach and professionalism again reinforce that safe hands feeling. I HIGHLY recommend him!

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