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Written by a patient
5th September 2020

I have known Professor Rogers for a approximately 8 years now.. I am a Health Care Worker which is how I initially had the privilege of meeting him. I knew roughly 10 years ago that I was heading for knee replacements one day. I had my left knee replaced by Professor Rogers 3 years ago and, I have been very pleased with the outcome - he gave me my life back! My Right knee started to deteriorate significantly earlier in the year - it was time to seek a Consultation with him again and, surgery was planned but, due to Covid 19, it had to be cancelled. I am now 6 weeks post-op and things are going well again, yet again I cannot thank this man enough for his skill and expertise. I will repeat what I said 3 years ago - He's a Scholar, a Gentleman, timely, consistent with his manner and, he will give you his whole attention. I highly recommend him. Margaret Buchanan

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