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Written by a private patient
27th May 2022

Immediately at ease with a feeling of being in the presence of a unique professional skilled in issues that many people fail to be able to express. Have spent 20+ yrs hesitating to express own personal but relevant physical problems primarily associated with childbirth. What a relevation to find a practitioner of such perception( but common regretfully of similar issues amongst the female population) that require advice, perhaps intervention, perhaps serious consideration of procedures to correct their issues. BUT first things first and Mrs Craig listens--- amazing, sooo expertise in literally bottoming a problem and following through with a plan of follow up. This is magic and for someone of such high expertise/ qualification addressing many women's basic concerns is a major, major contribution to society's health that continues to be overlooked. Ladies-- talk to this woman--she may not be exactly what you need in the end but a great place to start and worth every penny. Judith Stenner

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