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Written by a patient
12th November 2020

I had knee replacement under the care of Mr Joshi.Very sucessful operation and after a long wait to get this procedure I am delighted to be pain free.Mr Joshi is a very caring consultant being easy to talk to and has a caring and calming attitude to patients.He explains the procedure in detail putting patients at ease and fully aware of what they can expect.After my operation Mr Joshi ensured that I was comfortable and I was most impressed with his aftercare.All in all my stay in hospital was most satisfactory and now thanks to Mr Joshi my mobility is much improved.I have spoken to many of Mr Joshi's patients and we all agree what a caring,approchable consultant he is and the hospital are very fortunate to employ him.The only downside to the hospital itself is tge extremely long waiting lists especialy for orthopeadics so if something could be done to reduce waiting lists at the Maelor hospital that would be most welcome to patients.

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