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Written by a patient
3rd September 2019

Recently I was diagnosed with breast cancer and Mr. Masannat was my surgeon. I can highly recommend Mr. Masannat, I met him the day before the operation and he was caring and compassionate and explained the whole procedure well and answered all questions that I had and also makes you feel comfortable. Mr. Masannat came to see me the morning of the operation and was there when I woke up afterwards which was very reassuring as the whole process is very daunting and scary. Much care was taken for position and size of the incision which has made recovery from that point of view much easier than first explained to me by a different surgeon. I have full trust and confidence in Mr. Masannat, he inspires confidence and has a great manner and also deals with the difficult issues with a smile and if appropriate humour. Thank you, I am very grateful for the care I have been given and from the whole fantastic team at the ARI from the minute you arrive till you leave, it is awe inspiring how they manage to do it, I do hope that Mr. Masannat will remain the person that I continue to have my annual follow up visits with.

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1 2 3 4 5