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Written by a private patient
16th February 2021

I cannot recommend Mr Jeve enough. I was lucky enough to meet him via the nhs and even with only 10 minutes assigned to me, he took the time to have a proper consultation with me. He didn't rush the appointment because as he said himself, he does not believe that is right by the patient. I saw him privately because I was impatient to wait for my next nhs appointment and I think it was the best decision I made. Mr Jeve believes in patient led care and being a scientist myself it was a breath of fresh air to see a doctor that actually allowed me to be involved and listened to me properly. Without this kind of care, I wouldn't have had the outcome that I did. He was the only one of many doctors who really tried to help me and solve the puzzle of my sudden unexplained infertility. He stuck with me and we solved it together. He is a lovely, kind and very trustworthy doctor. I cannot stress this enough. I was blown away by the care I got from Mr Jeve because I have seen a huge number of doctors in my lifetime due to a bone problem and I have never met a doctor like him. He cares for his patients but he absolutely listens to what you think and works on your care with you. No other doctor has put more into helping me than this man. Even had he not managed to help me find and fix what was wrong I would still be recommending him with all my heart.

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