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Written by a patient
24th November 2019

I had a full abdominoplasty with hernia repair and liposuction on 7 November 2019, at the Weymouth Street Hospital. After two pregnancies my stomach muscles were completely stretched out, I had three hernias around the belly button, loose skin and stretch marks. From start to finish Mr Townley was extremely knowledgeable, professional, kind and honest about the results. I had previously seen other surgeons but never felt confident enough to go ahead with the surgery. As soon as I had my initial consultation with Mr Townley I felt in good hands. He did an amazing job and provided excellent care for me in the recovery period. It is still early days, but I am super happy with the results! The main incision is healing beautifully and is very low; stretch marks are almost completely gone, I have a new belly button and a flat tummy. I cannot thank Mr Townley and his fantastic team enough!!!

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