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Written by a private patient
14th May 2021

I choose Townley after seeing 2 other doctors, he was caring and seemed genuinely interested in me and my goals straight from the first consultation. I came to him with the aim of getting a rhinoplasty and potentially a chin implant and neck liposuction. Townley explained all the risks and benefits of each procedure carefully and I never felt rushed or like a sales pitch as it has with other doctors. I decided to go ahead with all 3 surgery’s and was able to book surgery just a few months after my first consultation. The hospital and staff were lovely and caring as were the staff at the outpatient clinic when going for checkups. The only gripe is that some of the reception staff were quite rude , though they were not directly affiliated with Mr Townley. I have have 2 post op check ups and am now 6 months post op. I am very happy with my side profile, it looks incredibly natural whilst still being a dramatic transformation. He is also great at communication, and you are always able to contact him directly rather that speaking to a 3rd party. I have recommended Townley to many others and wouldn’t hesitate to see him again should I want anything by else done. Highly highly recommend.

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