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I provide a expert opinion and treatment for all areas of general surgery including a special interest in day surgery for hernia, gallstones and proctology. I provide a colonoscopy service and I am JAG approved screening colonoscopist. I am able to provide a special service in the treatment of early rectal cancer by Trans Anal Minimally Invasive Surgery and Trans-anal Endoscopic Microsurgery. I am a core member of the Brighton and Sussex University Hospital Cancer MDT. For whom I provide and advanced polpectomy service along with the TAMIS and TEM Surgery. I have more than 15 years experience in Laparoscopic surgery for colorectal cancer. I am a national and international trainer in advanced techniques in minimally invasive treatment of rectal cancer. I am part of a team providing advanced Laparoscopic Surgery for endometriosis in conjunction with Mr J English. I was appointed to Western Sussex NHS foundation Trust in 1997 and moved to Brighton University Hospital in 2015. I have dedicated my time to providing an excellent service to the population of Sussex. I have brought up my family by the sea with my wife Liz who is also my practice manager. Our children have grown up and are starting there careers in medicine and commercial aviation. I ski in the winter, water ski in the summer and walk our dog on the beach as often as possible. I maintain an interest in the improvement of the NHS by improving medical leadership and have recently completed the Nye Bevan executive leadership program.

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