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Written by a patient
12th November 2019

In 2012 my right shoulder had a full thickness tear of the Supraspinatus that had retracted and a Grade 2 tear of the Subscapularis and the LHB was absent. The subacromial space was narrow, there was a spur underneath the acromion and the Coraco-acromial ligament was thickened and scuffed. In 2012 Mr Patel performed an arthroscopic rotator cuff repair. During the consultancy phase I had many questions regarding the proposed surgery including such things as which technique he preferred in securing the cuff and whether he recommended the use of a post operative abduction sling. Mr Patel patiently answered all my questions in a way that I could understand. The operation was very successful and I even have the photographs and video that showed what was done. As he had done such great work I needed to respond by doing my part regarding physiotherapy. After a few months I was pain free and had regained full movement and strength. It is now 7 years after the operation and the right shoulder is still going strong. Thank you Mr Patel.

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