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Written by a patient
30th December 2020

Mr Patel assessed my condition of Frozen Shoulder on our first meeting and considering I had had pain and considerable constricted movement with the onset over 18 months previous and having tried courses of osteopathy, steroid injections and physiotherapy to no avail, he arranged surgery for me asap. I had my procedure within a fortnight of our first meeting and had phone consultations before and after also. Post procedure I had 2 and a half months of physiotherapy, and I worked really hard at doing all the exercises and now at 4 months have 95% movement in my left shoulder. My shoulder is still sore and sleeping on that side is uncomfortable but it is getting better slowly. The only challenging thing I found with my treatment was the three way communication/opinion with the physiotherapist and Mr Patel. Their opinions differed quite a lot and I was only given the 8 weekly sessions Mr Patel asked for and was signed off as soon as possible after that. I do believe the hospital had major constraints due to the Covid-19 pandemic but all the same this was quite disappointing. I found the stretching and strength exercises were really affecting my neck so stopped soon after my physio ended. Despite this I do casual stretching still and find my daily activities are getting easier day by day, including driving, hanging out washing and gardening. Due to the pandemic I have not been able to return to my previous activities of Badminton and Ballroom Dancing but believe they would be fine now. I am really pleased with the outcome of my surgery. My arm has been released from its constriction which was stopping me dress properly and even put my hair up. I have also noticed a more positive mental attitude since the surgery as I am not constantly having to restrict what I do or find other ways of accomplishing simple day to day tasks. So many thanks for sorting out my issue.

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