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Written by a patient
1st April 2019

I have been lucky enough to have Mr Dhar looking after me since the end of August 2018 following a referral from my GP to look at a lump in my neck. He has been so kind and caring throughout my treatment and made me feel very relaxed with all procedures and operations. Mr Dhar explains everything to you thoroughly and clearly and gives you time to digest the information or results and to ask any questions that you have. You are never rushed and all results are delivered to you in a such a supportive and caring way. Throughout my continuing treatment I have total confidence in Mr Dhar and his team and can't thank them enough for all the support and kindness that I have received. From the moment that I got the diagnosis and Mr Dhar explained what was needed to remove the cancer around the submandibular gland, I have felt totally safe and very well looked after. They have all made this journey so much easier to deal with and I am extremely grateful to have Mr Dhar and his fantastic team in my corner. My cancer has been removed and my latest results show no current uptake anywhere in the body, this is fantastic news and down to the skill of this brilliant Consultant and his team. I would recommend Mr Dhar in a heart beat, you could not be in better hands in my opinion, he has a brilliant bedside manner and is extremely easy to talk to. I am very grateful for the speed in which all the appointments have been made and carried out, it is incredible how quickly things happened as soon as that diagnosis was made, and I will be forever grateful to Mr Dhar and his team and our Incredible NHS. Thank you again to Mr Dhar and his team for all the help, care, kindness and support that I have been shown. You have made a very difficult time so much easier to deal with for me and my family.

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