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Written by a private patient
15th April 2021

I visited doctor Vasileios Minas because I was suffering from Endometriosis and I needed a laparoscopy. When my fiance and I visited him for the first time, he was very friendly, polite and he explained to us everything in every detail. He made us feel that we could fully trust him. Doctor Minas asked for all the necessary checks (MRI etc) straight away and moved the whole procedure so quickly that 2 weeks after the first visit, I had the laparoscopy. Doctor Minas was very careful and took his time during the surgery to make sure that all of my endometriosis was removed. My surgery went really well. After the surgery, doctor Minas made sure to call my fiancee and let him know that everything went well, since my fiancee couldn't be with me due to covid and I was unable to speak to him straight after the surgery. Doctor Minas explained again everything that he had done in every detail and he even showed us photos of the areas that were affected by endometriosis when we visited him a few weeks after the surgery. He was also always quick to reply to my messages whenever I needed to discuss something with him during my recovery. I feel very lucky that I found doctor Minas and I had my surgery with him. From the beginning he took great care of me, he made me feel safe in his hands and I am grateful to him. I would definitely recommend him to other women suffering from endometriosis. He is not only an expert in endometriosis but also a doctor who truly cares about his patients, takes great care of them and is always there for them!!

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