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Written by a private patient
2nd February 2021

I recently had a hysterectomy after suffering for over 30 years with heavy and painful bleeds. My journey from the first consultation up to my discharge from hospital was made smooth and a lot less stressful because of Mr Minas’s thorough and thoughtful ways. He explained all the treatment options, their pros and cons and allowed me to choose what was right for me. He followed each consultation with a very detailed letter documenting all our discussions. With a medical history that still has a stigma attached to it and evidence of FGM I was quite anxious how he would feel about operating on me but he was very gracious and focused on my presenting problem. Mr Minas did what was right for me not what was easy and for that I am eternally grateful. Even with the complications he faced during my operation, he soldiered on to ensure he completed the surgery as planned. Thank you Mr Minas

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