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Written by a patient
11th September 2020

I recently had laparoscopic surgery at the BMI Runnymede for Endometriosis. I have dealt with this disease for over 20-years and have had multiple surgeries in the past where it has been lasered. This time round with a bad flare up of pain, I made the decision to go private as I just could not cope with the NHS waitlist, and I'm glad I did as then Covid hit! This was the first time I have ever had surgery with an Endo specialist. I highly recommend Mr Minas, and cannot express enough how important it is to have surgery for this disease done by a specialist of his calibre! He is one of the most compassionate, understanding, caring, professional and patient doctors I have ever dealt with. From the moment I first spoke with him about my pain he showed great empathy and I warmed to him immediately. He always took the time to explain things clearly to me, and never rushed me despite the list of questions I would go through. Mr Minas the time to ensure you have all the facts and listens carefully to what YOU want and talks through your options, helping YOU decide what is best for YOU. My surgery was complex and lasted two and a half hours, and I could not have been in safer hands throughout. I know I have a long recovery ahead of me, but I already feel better for what he has done, including removal of a badly diseased ovary and tube. His knowledge and expertise around Endometriosis is superb and his treatment throughout has been first class, and nothing is too much trouble. He's answered all my questions along the way, and always comes back to me if I have more. I have never trusted a medical professional as much as I do Mr Minas, and wish I had found him years ago.

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