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Written by a patient
2nd January 2020

Mr Arzoglou has seen me several times and has put rods and fused part of my lower spine in the last 4 years. Everything has been thoroughly explained to me- including the negatives with positives... I have not been rushed into any decisions and when surgery at one point was put ‘on hold’ I was reassured I’d be seen again if I felt I could go ahead:. When the pain became much worse last year, Mr Arzoglou put me forward for surgery. This was in July 2019 and has made walking/sitting/standing much more bearable- in fact no strong painkillers for my spine since! On my last appointment with him, Mr Arzoglou told me I could make another appointment in the future as/ when/ if necessary. I have been told in time I will need further surgery higher in my spine and I would like to think he could continue with his excellent work. I have had every confidence in his care.

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