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Written by a patient
13th October 2020

Starting at A&E with an eye injury I was fast tracked to eye outpatients, Mr Patel saw my eye at the beginning of my journey , prescribed with steroid drops and antibiotics, lots of frequent visits to out patients , all staff have been so caring , positive and polite. When Mr Patel told me I was going to have to have a cornea transplant I was shocked , but knowing it was going to be the only way forward I knew I had total trust in him, and even more pleased he and team would be doing the procedure.Never having had an op before I wondered how it was all going to go, well in great hands yet again everything ran like clockwork and under General Anesthetic, I was walking the dog! Laying flat after the operation was for me the hardest part for me ! But before I knew it I was offered coffee and toast , everyone was lovely .

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