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Written by a NHS patient
14th March 2022

I'll tell you my experience in the shorter version rather than the long one. I stepped into A&E eye out patient on 28th December 2016 hence bang on between Christmas and New Year and the junior doctors were on duty. They dealt with me everyday until 4th January 2017 when Mr Patel came back after the Christmas break they were beyond excellent and cannot fault any aspect of care from any of them. Once seen by Mr Patel, he told me what condition I had developed and started treating me accordingly with dignity, care and empathy. I was seeing him every week as the condition was complex (in his words) and  took a while to settle as he had his battles with it. One thing though he never gave up on me. Mr Patel was patient and  managed to keep me calm, he explains things to you in a language that you can understand, no jargon and letting you know what you needed to know without worrying you. Through all this other complications arise with my health in other areas and he saw that I got the right care in the other departments of the hospital by referring me to the relevant consultants. Still he never gave up on me. Called me his challenge.  With everything going on in my life too he was there supporting me asking me how I was and also other areas of my health. He never once didn't ask about my other health issues. He has dealt with me personally all the way through and I'm still seeing him but not as often now. His team are a credit to him as they are all respectful, helpful and caring. I can't walk down the corridor without anyone saying hello to me. Mr Patel is professional, compassionate, caring, empathic and dedicated to his job. I have said to Mr Patel if anyone complains about the NHS to send them to me. All I can say is Thank you for everything you have done Mr Patel even though this is not and will never be enough.

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