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Written by a patient
18th April 2020

My health care suggested Mr Papettas when my GP wanted me to have a colonoscapy because of a recurrent complaint and the NHS wait times were a bit too long for me. He was really comprehensive and thorough, doing other tests to get a full understanding of my physiology and my issue before performing the colonoscopy. I was a bit nervous about the procedure, but Mr Papettas reassured me. He also performed the the test, talking me through it as I watched on a TV. It was really interesting. About a week or so later, the results came back, and Mr Papettas talked me through all my test results, thankfully all clear, and gave me advice on what to do moving forwards from a lifestyle point of view, and what to do to resolve issue medically should my complaint prove to be too much for me. Really great guy and really glad I was put under his care. If I have other bowel related conditions, or if I decide to go further to treat my condition, I would definitely seek him out again.

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