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Written by a NHS patient
18th November 2021

From referral for a colonoscopy to my operation was very quick, I had face to face meetings with Mr Papettas, and members of his team, the process was lead by the wider colorectal team, and easy to follow and understand. The surgery was carried out very expediently, and every effort was made to give me the best possible quality of life afterwards, in my case this was quite intricate surgery by Mr Papettas low down in my colon, and avoiding the need for a stoma, although I had been completely prepared for that possibility. I was able to return to work after 5 weeks, and am already enjoying a good quality of life even though there is some time to go before the healing process inside my tummy is complete. The aftercare is also first class, as I have not only had a face to face meeting with Mr Papettas to discuss the lab results, but also have had a consultation with the wider colorectal team to discuss the future check ups. My family and I feel very fortunate, and optimistic about the future, and can’t thank Mr Papettas enough for the work he and his team have done. It’s hard to make suggestions on what can be improved, when I feel so fortunate, but perhaps one thing might be to give the patient a leaflet or letter explaining what to do if they found they were having any pain after discharge, I was unsure whether to go back to the team or speak to my GP, and also what to do if the patient needed a further sick note. The letter could also state what symptoms would require them to get back in touch with the hospital not that I had any problems. Generally its a matter of at what point should the patient revert to their GP.. Another matter for the hospital not the surgical team, would be to have more menu choices suitable for patients recovering from bowel surgery, I had mashed potato with gravy twice because the rest of the options those days contained too much fibre so I wasn’t allowed to eat them. These are minor things, I was generally very happy with my short stay in hospital and the fabulous medical staff.

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