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Written by a patient
19th July 2018

Mr Taggart was another shining example of a consultant surgeon that cares. He quickly established that the struggles I had encountered for the last four years needed surgery to help regain my quality of life and to reduce the dibilitating pain which I had been suffering for such a long time. He honestly advised that there would be discomfort and hard work to regain my ability to walk but he was also the first person there to advise that my operation had gone well and also the xray which was done of the new hip once in place was highly satisfactory. Mr Taggart not only was approachable to my questions but went out of his way to offer encouragement at my progress after the operation was performed. I cannot recommend Highly enough to consider Mr Taggart as your surgeon as he is another shining asset of excellence to The Yorkshire Clinic. My words of Thank You seem inadequate for all that I have been given back. THANK YOU.

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1 2 3 4 5