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Written by a patient
7th December 2020

I was recently a patient at BMI Alexandra Hospital under the care of Dr Satyadas for a pancreaticoduodenectomy surgery. In the weeks prior to the surgery Dr Satyadas made several telephone consultations with me, and took great care to explain to me and my partner the different surgery options, what was involved and ensured I understood the possible risk and complications. His openness and willingness to clearly answer all our questions was very re-assuring. He also stressed the benefits of preparing physically before the surgery, which I believe made a big impact on the speed of my recovery. He has a good surgery team that works with him at the Alexandra Hospital, and my operation went well, and during my 12 days of recuperation, Dr Satyadas took time to visit me daily, to personally check on my condition, and ensuring the nursing staff were treating me exactly as he needed. He was genuinely involved in all aspect of my recovery, took time to chat with me and helped me maintain a positive attitude throughout. Once discharged from hospital, he made regular check up phone calls to ensure my recovery was going well. Overall I have to say that I have great confidence in Dr Satyadas, and his surgical team at the Alexandra Hospital, and would have no hesitation in recommending him to others for similar surgeries. He has a genuinely caring attitude about his patients.

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