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Written by a patient
15th June 2019

Mr Aho carried out a HOLEP for me on March 9 and I went to see him for my follow up appointment on June 13. The procedure was such a success I was discharged. Mr Aho helped after I had been fitted with a catheter for 15 months during which time I had 27 'new' catheters fitted by my local NHS urology department. During my time under the control of Mr Aho he was without doubt the most kind and considerate consultant I had met. Prior to the operation he explained exactly what would happen and after the operation the information that he gave me was extremely accurate and I started to feel better and recover very quickly. My retirement had become a misery (unable to go anywhere and holidays cancelled) now with his help I am just a normal person again, no pain or discomfort. I am very grateful to him for giving me back my life.

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