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Written by a patient
24th July 2020

During the problems caused by covid lockdowns, Tev Aho went the extra mile for me, perhaps several extra miles, getting a slot for my operation at a very early moment. His reputation among his colleagues is very high; more than once I was told " You couldn't be in better hands" and so it proved. His skill set doesn't just reside in his technical expertise, but in his humanity and consideration for his patient as someone with fears and feelings, carefully explaining what is involved and encouraging about the possible outcomes. In fact, at the age of 88, with a heart condition and on anticoagulants, I seem to have recovered quickly and without post operative pain, something I must ascribe to his surgical expertise. I rarely recommend anybody, since I am aware that everyone's experience is different, but I would have no hesitation in doing so in Mr Aho's case.

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