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Written by a patient
23rd January 2020

I had been suffering from BPH and kidney disease, had been treated for sepsis, had been catheterized, and told at my local hospital that the waiting time for TURP surgery and decatheterization was 2 or more years. (We found out later that this was incorrect.) I had previously read about Mr Aho's work, and particularly about his expertise in HoLEP surgery so my wife contacted Addenbrooke's Hospital to see if we could get more information. From the first contact everything went very smoothly. My wife exchanged emails with Mr Aho describing my full medical background (complicated,) and we got a very helpful document which described HoLEP, the possible problems that might arise, and the experiences of some previous patients. Mr Aho was able to offer a slot for surgery and suddenly a wait of two years had become five weeks. (This was of huge importance to me in dealing with the despair of facing a long period of catheterization.) We attended a consultation with Mr Aho in Addenbrooke's where our queries and concerns were listened to and answered fully. Four days later, I had HOLEP surgery, which was performed in Addenbrooke's, and expertly supported by the entire medical / nursing team. I was discharged the next day, unfortunately as one of the 10% of patients who have to be catheterized for a few days following the procedure. Following Mr Aho's advice, we stayed in Cambridge for a couple of nights and then flew home. A week later, the catheter was removed without any problems. A few weeks after that we got a letter saying that the lab tests on the removed tissue were fine. A few words on HoLEP, which is an amazing development for treating prostate enlargement. I had been very averse to TURP, partly because of the higher risk of infection (I'm immune-suppressed) and partly because of the possible consequences for other aspects of life. Since having HoLEP surgery I have felt healthy, can pee like a horse, don't have to plan my life around trips to the loo, and am otherwise unaffected. Throughout the period, Mr Aho's care was everything that we could have hoped or asked for. We felt that our fears and concerns were taken seriously, the whole experience of having the operation performed was very good, and the care afterwards was excellent. We are both enormously grateful.

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