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Written by a patient
7th March 2020

Thanks to God alone without partners who guided the hands and heart of Mr. Aho in my prostate and bladder stone surgery and for giving him the talent that separates him from all other BPH surgeons in the world. My review of Mr. Aho goes beyond any cognitive-related comments, for his medical expertise, global reputation for excellence, and his more than 2,000 successful HoLEP procedures speaks more about him than I could. No, my comments are about the emotional and psychological aspects of being treated by Mr. Aho. What I mean to say is that I am a retired professor from the USA who did all the reading and research before deciding to contact Mr. Aho's office in Cambridge through his very professional personal secretary Ms. Janice. I could have selected any American surgeon as a private American patient, but I chose Mr. Aho over all others -- even those surgeons at the famous USA clinics whose names I'm sure any reader knows -- because Mr. Aho is the world expert on HoLEP. When I arrived to Nuffield Hospital for my appointment, I discovered a very humble, gentle, and meticulous surgeon and human being who explained to me all aspects of the surgery and put my mind and heart at ease. I felt his self confidence, and that gave me confidence in his abilities and, most importantly, his caring attitude. There's the old saying, "I don't care how much you know; I want to know how much you care." Mr. Aho's behavior lives up to and goes beyond that sentiment. The next major point is benefitting of his vast experience. My prostate was huge (approximately 400+ grams) and I had a 1 cm stone in my bladder. The surgery lasted more than 3 hours, and he "fixed up": my prostate problem and removed the stone intact as a whole (a remarkable feat, as I understand; rather than using the laser to dust the stone). All of that without any scapel incisions. But here comes the best part: He was right there in my hospital room, later that same day around 7 pm to assure me about the surgery. He personally did some irrigation of the tubes leading out from my bladder. But that's not all. Next morning, around 6 am, I had just finished my morning prayers and in he walks, his face looking so fresh and glowing. There he was to again personally flush, clean and then remove the catheter. I sensed that his doing it personally was not the normal routine, as I listened and looked at the nurse attending for she looked surprised that Mr. Aho was there at 6 am and removing the catheter himself. "I want to do this myself this morning," he told the nurse. In the USA, this kind of concern, dedication, and personal responsibility are rarely seen, but after speaking with the nurses on duty and an administrative personal at Nuffield Hospital, it is confirmed that this is Mr. Aho's standard behavior. A further example illustrating his caring attitude was his immediate response (in less than 1 hour) to my email regarding some follow up plans. The photo on this site, and in his YouTube videos is dated. He's rocking long hair, falling below his ear lobes, a genuine smile, and a gentle demeanor that makes me a big fan of his. Peace to him and all who read this. Based on what I experienced from Mr. Aho's behavior as his patient, I am wondering, too, if I should at least visit New Zealand (his home country), or actually relocate there. Beyond his role in life as a surgeon, the world needs more PEOPLE like him to make it a better place. Daniel

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