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Written by a patient
15th July 2020

Postscript after 3 months. BPH is insidious. It slowly destroys your quality of life without you realising it has happened. Then it gets so bad a catheter is fitted. I lived with BPH for more than 6 years. I couldn’t live with the catheter. After nearly 4 months, in desperation, I visited the Cambridge Urology Partnership and was extremely fortunate to get a consultation with Mr Tev Aho the next day. I was even more fortunate to have my HoLEP scheduled for just 9 days later. It transpired that mine was the last but one before the Covid lockdown. I could have suffered for at least another year. The procedure was painless and the catheter was removed the following morning at 06.15. I left Princess Grace Hospital late afternoon the same day. I had been dreading the 50 mile ride home but there was no discomfort at all. I didn’t even need to rush to the toilet as soon as I got home. The only after effect from the op was 2 weeks of mild stinging / burning. I was walking and back on my allotment within those two weeks. A week later I was gently back in my gym on the rowing machine. A week after that back on my mountain bike after a break of two years. I’ve just had my 3 month review with Tev. My IPSS score has dropped from 27 to 1 ! Quality of life is now back to how it was10 years ago. I’m fit, windsurfing, kayaking and biking again. Perhaps more importantly, the lethargy which plagued me, has gone. I can smile again. Last week I was back volunteering in a local park. The fact that the toilets are still closed no longer worries me. Words cannot express my gratitude to Tev and his Team. He exudes confidence, compassion and empathy. The email support was like a comfort blanket. I wish I had had this done years ago ! If any man has doubts about undergoing a HoLEP or choosing Tev Aho for the procedure please feel free to contact me. Best wishes to Tev in his mission to rid all men of catheters.

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