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Written by a patient
3rd April 2020

I endured my first prostate biopsy in 2016. The procedure was akin to being kicked in the backside by a horse and then being anally raped by a swarm of angry wasps. Severe prostatitis followed 6 months later. The only option at that time was radical prostatectomy so I left it as it was. Dysuria and nocturia became the norm and I lived with it. In September 2019 after surgery to my left foot my creatinine level was found to be abnormally high. A bladder scan revealed acute urine retention and a catheter was fitted on the 3rd December. After waiting 3 months for a HoLEP I gave up and went private. That appointment was cancelled with 4 hours notice on the 10th March. In desperation I sought out the Cambridge Urology Partnership and was relieved to get a consultation with Tev Aho the next day. After the consultation with Tev I felt relief and hope for the first time in 3 months. My HoLEP was carried out at the Princess Grace Hospital just 9 days later and joy, the catheter was removed at 06.15 the following morning. After 3 months of complete misery Tev has given me my life back. The day after getting home I started peeing normally. 3 days later urine was clear of blood. Today, just 2 weeks later, I have been back gently pottering on my allotment. Apart from some slight burning / stinging functions are completely normal. I can smile again. Words are completely inadequate to express my gratitude to Tev who fitted me in before the covid19 lockdown, Janice, Mater and the team at Princess Grace. Andy Croft, Bedford

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